How do I manually enter in check donations each month?

We have a small number of donations sent in via check each month. What's the best way to enter these into REACH and have an email receipt sent to the supporter? 

To manually enter in check donations, we recommend you using the Batch Donation tab. Here's how:

- Go to Donations > +New Donation
- Choose the Batch Donation tab
- Type in your supporter's name and enter in the other fields (date, purpose, payment type, check number if via check, amount and currency). 
- If a supporter has multiple donations or the donation is intended to be split among various purposes, click on the +New Donation tab and enter in each donation separately. 
- Click on the 'Send Email Receipt' check box to have an email receipt sent to your supporter.
- When complete, be sure to click on the green 'Create' button

A transaction fee is NOT charged for check donations entered into REACH. 

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