How is the Past Due amount calculated?

Can you explain how the past due amount is calculated? 

REACH calculates Past Due amounts for Supporters with online and offline Sponsorships. Legacy sponsorships are not tracked for any past due payments.

The past due amount is calculated using the following information:

1. Online Sponsorships: The share amount for the sponsorship and the date the sponsorship was created or converted to Online plus any skipped payments.
2. Offline Sponsorships: The share amount for the sponsorship and the Sponsor Since date set for the sponsorship plus any skipped payments.

Payments are marked past due one month after the due date.
For example, if supporter started a sponsorship on January 1, with a second successful donation on February 1, but missed the March 1 payment, the supporter is not considered past due until April 1.  

Information on how much a supporter has given and what amount is expected to date is included on the Supporter/Sponsorship relationship page. 

You can view the relationship page by going to the Supporter Record, clicking on the Sponsorship History tab and then clicking on the View Details icon for a sponsorship. You can also see the page by going to the Sponsorship, clicking on the View All Sponsors button and clicking the View Details icon.     

The Expected To Date amount is the calculation the system has made using either option 1 (Online) or 2 (Offline) from above.  

Total Given With Skipped is also used to calculate whether a sponsorship is past due. A skipped donation record is created when an admin marks a past due sponsorship as current. The amount of the skipped donation is the current past due amount for the sponsorship. You will see these entries at the bottom of the page in the donation record list.

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