How are pledges accounted for in REACH?

We are putting together a pledge drive and are asking our donors to make pledges. How are pledges accounted for in REACH? 

A donation is an outright gift, while a pledge is a promise from a supporter to pay a specified amount over a set period of time. 

For example, a supporter might pledge $2,400 to be paid over four years, by installments of $50 per month. Different from a recurring donation, a pledge includes a specific commitment from the supporter with an ending. For example, by this future date the donor will have given $2,400 or when the supporter gives $2,400 in total, the pledge is completed. When a pledge is made, the supporter does not agree to a standard recurring donation process - be it monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.**

To account for a pledge in REACH, an admin will need to create the pledge record under the supporter's account and then as donations come in (offline or online), the administrator can associate the supporter's donation to the pledge. Here's how:

- From your Admin Console, go to Supporters
- Select your Supporter 
- Click on the green '+Pledge' button at the top of your supporter's record
- Enter in the Purpose, Start Date, Currency and Amount and add any additional notes 
- Click 'Create Pledge' 

To determine how much the supporter has left to give on their pledge, admins can use the Donation Details tab under the supporter's record or the Pledge report by going to Reports > Pledge Details.

Since pledges are a passive process, REACH does not send any automated reminders as there is not an expected regular giving interval. REACH does track if the supporter has not given the total pledge amount by the end date of the pledge. However, supporters are not automatically notified of this. 

If you wish to notify your supporters of their pledge status, you can use the mail merge and email templates. 

**Recurring donations can be set up under a pledge; however, this is not typically done.

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