Can a donor make an anonymous campaign donation?

We have a supporter that would like to make an anonymous donation for a campaign. Can we do that on their behalf?

Yes, an Admin can add an anonymous campaign donation on behalf of a supporter. However, a supporter cannot make an anonymous donation for a campaign or sponsorship - this can only be done on the Admin side. 

Here's how:

- Go to Donations > New Donation
- Complete the required fields 
- From the Purpose dropdown, select Campaigns
- From the Campaign dropdown, select the desired Campaign 
- Check 'Keep the Donor Anonymous' and/or 'Keep the Amount Anonymous'
- Click 'Save Changes'

Should a supporter have already made a donation and wishes to change it to anonymous, you can do this by editing the donation. 

- Go into the supporter's record and click on the Donations tab. 
- In the Donation History table, click the blue 'Edit' icon 
- On the Donation Details Edit page, you can again check one or both of the Anonymous box options. 
- Click 'Save Changes' 

This will remove your donor's name from the campaign page. 

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