Can I request a donation via text message from all my supporters?

With the end of the year approaching, I'd like to be able to send a text message requesting a donation from all of our supporters with payment information on file. Can we do this? 

REACH does allow you to send a mass text message to all of your supporters with payment information on file. You can do this at any time and for any donation category you set up. 

First, be sure you have set up Text to Give. View our 'Setting Up Text to Give' article to learn how.

Once you have set up your phone number and customized your keywords, here's how to send a text message to all of your supporters with payment information:

- Go to Communication > Text Messages
- Click green '+ New Text Message' button
- Add a Title
- From the Purpose dropdown, select 'Supporters with Account on File'
- Schedule your text message
- Insert the text you'd like to send in the Body section
- If desired, add any image or video files
- Once complete, hit the Send button. 

Here's an example of a Giving Tuesday campaign that was sent to all of the supporters with payment information already on file:

With the payment information already on file, the supporter simply needs to follow the instructions and provide a donation amount and then confirm the last four digits of the card number on file. 

Once confirmed, a receipt will then be emailed to the primary email address listed on their account and you will see the donation in your Donation History. 

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