How do we stop email notifications to our supporters?

Our supporters are receiving emails each time a new album or message is posted for our sponsorships. Can we change this so our supporters don't receive as many updates?

If a supporter has their contact options set to 'Yes, I want to receive all updates,' then they will receive an email about each and every album or message update to a sponsorship in your program,  that is not marked 'Private, regardless of if they are sponsoring that particular child or not.

This can be updated by changing the contact options to 'Yes, but only about items I donated or sponsored.'

A Supporter can update their own options. Here's how:

- Have your Supporter sign in to their account
- Go to My Profile > Update Profile
- Scroll to the bottom and find Contact Options
- From dropdown menu, choose 'Yes, but only about items I donated or sponsored.'
- Click Save Changes button

As an admin, you can update a supporters Contact Options for them.   
To update a single supporter, Edit their supporter record to update the Contact Options.  
You can check the Contact Options of all your Supporters by exporting a report.  

Here's how:

- Go to Data Setup > Data Import/Export
- Go to Export tab
- Click on the Supporter List

When you receive the export via email, open and review the Supporter Preference column to obtain the contact options for your supporters.  

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