How do I start and stop using Conversations (Messages)?

We're interested in using your Conversations module to start communication/messages between our sponsors and their sponsorships. However, when we go into Inbox, we get a 'This page does not exist' error. How do we start using Conversations? 

By default, Conversations (Messages) are disabled for supporters. To enable Conversations:

- Go to Sponsorships
- Click on Conversations
- Hit green 'Turn On Conversations' button

For a supporter to send a message to their sponsorship, they:

- Log into their supporter account
- Go to Profile > Your Sponsorships
- Click on "New Message" (envelope) button next to the sponsorship they would like to message
- They can also go to "Inbox" on the menu and click "New Message"
- Type their message
- Click the "Send Message" button 

If you want to disable Conversations, following these 2 steps:

Step 1:
- Go to Settings > Base Settings
- Uncheck the box: "Allow supporters to send messages to administrators about sponsorships" 
- This will stop the conversations

You will also want to remove the Inbox option from the My Profile Menu. Here's how: 

Step 2: 
- Go to Settings > Menu 
- Click Edit next to Main Menu
- Find the My Profile section
- Under that, you'll see Inbox. Click on the X on the Inbox line to remove it.

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