Can I use Stripe and accept ACH/EFT payments?

I would like to continue to use Stripe but also want to allow ACH/EFT payments as we have some donors that prefer this method. Can we run ACH/EFT payments through Stripe using REACH? 

REACH does not accept ACH/EFT (checking/savings account) payments through Stripe due to their current validation process.

If accepting a ACH/EFT payment through Stripe, a donor currently has to verify their account using a small donation validation process instead of simply entering in their account details and processing the donations. Because of this, we do not support this process as it is too complex for donors and not like any other vendors we work with that automatically accept ACH/EFT payment options.

As a work-around, some organizations that want to continue to use Stripe but also allow ACH/EFT payments, request that their donors mail in their checks. An admin will then manually enter in the checking amount and details into REACH. As long as the check is not run through a payment gateway, there is no processing fee charged for manually entering in the checking information into REACH.

For a list of payment gateways that automatically accept ACH/EFT payments and integrate with REACH, see our 'What Payment Gateways work with REACH?' article. 

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