When successfully re-processing a donation, why am I receiving an error in the admin note?

I went to re-process a donation on behalf of a donor whose card had previously failed. The donation re-processed successfully, but then an admin note remained that said "Your card has insufficient funds." Did it go through?

When a donation fails, REACH will provide a reason for the failed payment (assuming one is provided by the payment gateway) in the Admin Notes section for the donation in question. 

If you go to re-process a donation and it is successful, the Admin Notes are not updated and the original failed message will remain. The Admin Note will not be removed by the system when the donation is re-processed and successfully completed. The completed donation will be updated to display under the Supporter's Donation History. 

As a REACH admin, you can edit the donation to remove or update the Admin Note to eliminate confusion. Next to the donation, click on the blue Edit button and modify the Admin Note. 

Please note: Admin Notes will not display to the supporter and are only visible to Admins. 

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