Why are my refunds not showing up in REACH?

Why are our credit card refunds showing up as refunded in our payment gateway but not in REACH? 

There are two ways a credit card can be refunded. If you go to REACH and process the refund from REACH, REACH will send a transaction to your payment gateway to make the refund and will list the donation as refunded.  

However, if the refund is made within your payment gateway, and not through REACH, REACH does not know the refund took place.  

If a refund takes place within your payment gateway, you can do a 'Manual Refund' in REACH. Here's how:

- Go to Donations and search for the donation you wish to refund
- On the right-hand column, there are two refund options - Refund and Manual Refund
- Be sure to click on the 'Manual Refund' button
- A window will pop up reminding you to notify your payment gateway that you have refunded the donation, click Ok. 

**You will not need to do this if the refund has already taken place within your payment gateway. 

 The 'Manual Refund' option will mark the donation as refunded without REACH contacting your payment gateway. 

Please note: The timeline for refunds made for ACH/EFT payments vary based on your payment gateway and how the supporter's bank processes refunds. 

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