Can we use a Square Reader device with REACH?

We are having a series of fundraising banquets and would like to be able to accept donations via credit/debit card. Can we use a swiper device, such as Square Reader, to have the donations go directly to our REACH platform? If not, what do you recommend? 

The short answer is no. REACH does not integrate directly with a swiper device like Square Reader, meaning there is not a way to swipe a payment from a card directly into REACH. 

However, we recommend two options to get around this.

1: Importing Data from Swiper/Card Reader 

If you have a swiper or card reader you use with your payment gateway, you can import your payments made through the reader into REACH. Simply complete a Donation Import from the event into your REACH account. 

Please note that if you are accepting new recurring sponsorships during your event, you will need to manually set up the sponsorship in REACH before recording the card entry.

2: Text to Give

If you're seeking a less labor-intesive and time-consuming method for on-site donations, we recommend our Text to Give method. With this method, donors are encouraged to make a donation via a secure text method and can donate from any location using their mobile phone. If donors already have their mobile phone number and card information listed within REACH, they simply text a keyword to your designated number and then confirm the donation amount and the last four digits of the card on file. 

Please note that Text to Give can not be used to set up or pay for a sponsorship.

To learn how to set up Text to Give, read our Text to Give support article

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