Starting Sponsorship Payments after a PCI Transfer

Before starting recurring payments, you will need to have your supporters with their sponsorship information in REACH and convert your sponsorships from Legacy sponsorships to recurring online payments. 

We offer a Startup Package to help you import your Sponsorship and Supporters. Or, if you'd like to import the information yourself, we can provide you with instructions. Email us at to get started. 

When supporters with sponsorships are imported into REACH, the Sponsorship is automatically set up as a Legacy Sponsorship. This tells the system that the supporter/sponsorship relationship exists, but is currently being tracked somewhere else. To begin recurring donations, legacy sponsorships MUST be converted to online recurring donations. 

Once the PCI Transfer has been completed, you will have two options to convert from legacy to recurring donations:
  1. REACH can “Turn On” all recurring sponsorships for you. If you choose for REACH to start the sponsorship payments, each sponsorship payment must be set to the same date. For example, if you have 20 recurring sponsorships and you would like REACH to start the payment process, you must choose a future date (for example the 15th of every month) for all the payments to start processing. All 20 donations will then process the same day.
  2. The Organization can manually convert the payments and choose the date. If you want the donations to remain the same day as previous donations, for example, one supporter gives on the 14th and another on the 18th, the organization must manually convert the recurring sponsorships.  
Here are the steps needed for an organization to manually convert a legacy sponsorship to an online recurring donation:
  • Access the Supporter/Sponsorship Relationship page by either going to the Sponsorship and Viewing Supporters or by going to the Supporter Record and clicking the Sponsorship History tab. For the listed sponsorship(s) there will be a View Details icon you can click to bring up the Supporter/Sponsorship Relationship page.  
  • On the Supporter/Sponsorship Relationship page, click the yellow “Convert to Automatic Credit/Debit Card” button.
  • On the Convert page that loads, the Donation Start Date will default to the current date. You can set this to a date in the future to match the date the supporter usually gives.  
  • To complete the set up you MUST click the green “Use Card On File” button.  
  • This process will convert the Legacy (or Offline) Sponsorship to Online with automatic payments.
NOTE: For organizations with a large amount of Sponsorships to convert, you can Export your Sponsors by going to Reports and clicking Sponsors List under the Exports Section. You will receive an email with a link to open a spreadsheet of all your Supporters with Sponsorships once the report is ready.  Included in the spreadsheet is the Sponsor Since date. You can review this column and use the information to convert your supporters as their donation date comes up.  

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