How do I set up multiple sponsorships to charge as one transaction?

I have a supporter currently donating to multiple sponsorships, can I set them up to be charged once a month for all sponsorships instead of a separate donation for each sponsorship?

When a supporter goes to your REACH site, they now have the option to place a sponsorship in a Cart and then go back and choose another sponsorship to add to the cart. These multiple sponsorships will be included in a single recurring donation. 

Do you have supporters that have multiple online sponsorships being processed on different days? This could be due to they set up their sponsorships prior to our new Cart addition or their sponsorships were imported. You can update these to all have one recurring donation for multiple sponsorships. 

Here's how: 
  • Go to the Supporter Record, click on the Sponsorship History Tab, and click on the name of one of the Sponsorships.  This will bring up the Sponsorship Supporter Relationship Page.  Toward the bottom of the page, click on the "Convert to Offline" button. Make sure to note the sponsorships and the date the donations are made.
  • Repeat for the other sponsorships you want to include in the one transaction for the supporter.
  • Once you have converted all Online Sponsorships to Offline, you can then go back to the Supporter's record and click on the Sponsorship History tab.  In the Current Sponsorships table will be a blue "Convert All To Online" button.  Click the button to place all Offline, and Legacy sponsorships into the Cart.  
  • Click the green "Checkout" button. 
  • The Donation Date will default to the current date. If the supporter has already made a current payment, make sure to set the Date to when the next donation is due.
  • Scroll down and click the Create button.
  • On the next screen, make sure to click the "Use Card On File" or enter Payment Information for the supporter.
The supporter will now be set up for a recurring donation for multiple sponsorships. 

Please note: 

An automatic, system-generated email receipt will not be sent unless you check the Send Email Receipt box on the donation page. 

The process will only work for Online Payment Types, payment details must be on file for the supporter or supplied when checking out.

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