How do I set up my payment gateway?

How do I set up my Payment Gateway in REACH?

Once you have signed up for a REACH trial and have decided on a payment gateway, you will need to connect the payment gateway to REACH.

Here's how: 

- Log into your REACH Admin Dashboard
- Click on the Settings Gear near the upper right side of the browser window
- Select Donation Setup
- Select the Payment Gateway Tab for the Payment Gateway Setup area
- Choose your Payment Gateway from the ‘Select A New Payment Gateway’ dropdown

**Each Payment Gateway requires different Login Credentials to connect. The information needed will be listed once you have selected your Payment Gateway

Once complete, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the green Save Changes button

** When the page reloads, the information provided will no longer display.  However, your ‘Current Payment Gateway:’ will read the name of the Payment Gateway you entered.

We highly suggest you make a test donation through REACH to test the connection. You can refund your donation if desired.

To learn which payment gateways work with REACH, read our "REACH Payment Gateways" article.

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