How do I update my supporters payment information?

How can a Supporter or a REACH Admin update the Credit Card and Payment Information?

REACH Admin Update:

An admin can update a supporter's payment information by logging in as a REACH Admin. Once logged in as a REACH admin, you can update a Supporters Payment Information by going to the Supporter Module and searching for the Supporter. In the search result list, to the right of the Supporter's Name are several icons. Click the yellow 'Update Payment Information' icon to add or update payment information.  

You can also update payment information already entered for the Supporter by clicking on the Supporter's Name to bring up their supporter record. If there is payment information on file, there will be a yellow 'Update Payment Information' button below the information.  

The REACH Admin Login link is different than the supporter login and will be the REACH website name followed by /admin.

For example, the REACH Demo site is:
The REACH Admin login would be:

NOTE: REACH Admin Permissions may effect an admin's ability to access or update Supporter information.

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