How do I unsubscribe someone from REACH?

How do I unsubscribe someone from REACH?

If you need to unsubscribe a Supporter from your REACH account, you can update their Supporter Record. If there is any sponsorship or donation history for the supporter, the supporter can not be deleted but you can update their record so they do not receive any email correspondence from your organization.  

Search for the Supporter you would like to update in the Supporter Module and click on the blue 'Edit' icon next to their name.  

On the edit page change the 'Contact Options' dropdown to 'No'.  

You can also choose to 'Disable' the supporter if you do not want them to have the ability to log in as a Supporter to their Supporter Profile and Donation History. Make sure to click the green 'Save Changes' button when done.

If needed, you can also remove the Payment Details on file for a Supporter. If a Supporter is leaving the organization and would like their payment information removed, go to the Supporter Module, search for the Supporter and click on their name to bring up their Supporter Record. If there is Payment Information on file, it will be listed on the Details tab. Click the 'Update Payment Information' button and choose to 'Remove Payment Details'.  

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