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REACH Admin Dashboard - Overview, Task, Notes, Activity


You can set up as many admins as needed for your REACH account.  On the Essentials, Pro, and Pro Plus Plans, you can give your admins different permission on which modules they can view and edit.  For more information on Admin Setup, please see our General Account Settings video.  

To log in as a REACH admin, you must go to the admin login page which is different from your supporter login page.  A supporter can log into their Supporter Account by going to your REACH site and clicking on Log In.  However, for an admin to log in, they must go to the admin log in page.  Your admin log in is available at your REACH website address with a slash admin.  For example, for our demo site, we would go to

Once logged into the REACH Admin Dashboard, you will get a quick overview of your REACH information.  Donations over the last 30 days, Activity, recent notes and task.  You can also quickly get to a listing of any Past Due Sponsorship Payments.  

You can use the Admin Dashboard in REACH to help keep your Admins on the same page by using Task and Notes.  When you go to the Admin Dashboard, you can see quickly see your task by clicking the admin user icon.  You can also click the pencil icon for Task to view your Task and Tasks assigned to others.  

A task can be added in many places in the REACH admin.  For example, you can assign a task while on a Supporter Record.  Click the Task Button and fill out the information needed.  You can assign the task to yourself or another admin and you can also include a due date.  

On the Essentials, Pro, and Pro Plus Plans, an Activity tab and Notes tab are included to help track your Supporter’s activities with your organization.

Using the Notes Tab, you can leave detailed notes on a supporter for your admin records.  This is a great way to save detailed information about your supporters.   Notes can be assigned Due Date if follow up is needed.  Comments can also be left on notes that have been created.  
Under the Activity Tab, many supporter activities are added automatically for you.  For example, if an admin sets up a sponsorship for a supporter, it will automatically be include under the Activity tab.  Also included are mailings sent from REACH to the Supporter.  You can Manually Record an activity for your supporter, such as a Phone Call.  

For more information make sure to visit our Support Site.  

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