What is a 'Skipped' donation?

What is a 'Skipped' donation?

In the Supporter Module, all Supporters include a Donations tab listing out their Donation History.  Included in the history is a table title 'Non Complete Donation History'. Here you can view any donations that are Incomplete, have an Error status, or have been Refunded. Also included in the 'Non Complete Donation History' table are Skipped donations.  

Skipped Donations have not been processed by the system, instead a skipped donation is a past due recurring sponsorship payment that a REACH admin has marked as current for the Supporter.  

If a supporter missed a recurring sponsorship payment, you can choose to 'skip' the payment by marking the supporter as current, basically overlooking the missed payment. When you mark a supporter as current, REACH will no longer flag them as past due.  

Any past due recurring payments that have been marked as current will have the status of Skipped in the Non Complete Donation History table. 

You can delete the Skipped payments from the system if you'd like by clicking the red 'Delete' icon to the right of the entry.  

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