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NOTE: A new update was released on September 8, 2020 that simplifies this process for REACH accounts using Quartz Version 2.0 and Ruby Version 2.0 Themes. To learn more, please visit: How Do I customize my REACH portal?

REACH Admin Portal Setup - Logos, Colors, menus, REACH Themes


REACH is considered a White Label Service.  You can update your portal to remove the REACH branding and add your organization’s logo, colors, and style.  You can also add information about your program.  

To update the look of your REACH website, start by going to Settings / Base Settings.  Under Base Settings you can add text and images to appear at the top of your REACH pages for index page, Sponsorships, Campaigns, Projects, and Places.  You can use the editor to add images and text.  You can also rename these pages if needed.  For example, you can change the name of Places to Villages.  

To add your logo and update the colors, go to Settings / Site Design.  Here you an upload your logo to appear at the top left of your menu, select a base font for the site and choose your colors with a color picker or by value.  

You can completely customize the look of your REACH Portal using a Theme.  REACH comes with a few themes you can choose from for use or to edit for your organization.  You can also build your own theme in REACH.  Updating and building themes in REACH is advance and requires knowledge of HTML and CSS.  We recommend the help of a web developer for this option.  We also offer start up packages for organization to build a theme for you.  If interested in a Design Startup Package, please contact Support.  

You can also adjust your menu for your REACH portal to add and remove REACH links as well as add external links to another site.  To adjust your menu, go to Settings / Menus and click the blue Edit menu for your Main Menu.  You can adjust the order of the menu by dragging and dropping menu links in your menu tree.  To add a link, supply a title and target and click the Add Link button.  You can remove menu links by clicking the X.  

For more information on your REACH Portal Setup make sure to visit our Support Site.  

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