How do I set up a text blast to a specific group?

I'd like to send a text message requesting a donation from a specific group of supporters. Can we do this? 

REACH offers Text Blasting through its Text To Give fundraising option. Text Blasting is where you can initiate and send a text message out to multiple supporters directly from your Admin Console. Donors can then submit a secure donation via text message.

To get started, make sure you have set up Text to Give for your account. Text to Give is included with your REACH account, regardless of plan level. To use it, you will need to select a phone number from our provided list and set up any custom keywords you'd like to use. Instructions on how to do this are included in our Text to Give support article.

Once Text to Give is set up, you can prepare a Text Blast.

From your Admin Console, click Communication > Text Messages. Then, click on the +New Text Message button to begin the process. 

Here, you can add a title for your text blast and choose a purpose (the group/subgroup of donors that the message will go to) from the drop down list. 

For example, if you choose Group as your Purpose, you can then select any of the groups you have set up. In this example, the recipients will be any donors you have listed under First Church.

Next, schedule your Text Blast by choosing the date and time you want the text delivered. And add your text in the Body.

*Note that Text Blasting allows a max of 1575 characters in each message. A required opt-out message that reads "Reply STOP to opt out" is automatically included with each text message sent out and is separate from the 1575 character max. 

An image or video file can also be added under Add Files.

Make sure to carefully verify all the information is correct. Then, hit send to initiate your text blast. 

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