What's the difference between a Supporter Group and a Supporter Segment?

What is the difference between a Supporter Group and a Supporter Segment?

In REACH, you can create different Groups to place your supporters in. For example, if you have a number of supporters that belong to one Church, you can create a Group with the Church name and then add those supporters to the Church Group. 

Once groups are created and supporters are added, you can view all the supporters in a group, send an email to the group from REACH, and export their information as a group. A supporter can belong to more than one group and the groups they are a part of display on their supporter record.  

To create a Group, go to your Supporters Module and select Groups. You can give the Group a title and description and then click the green 'Create' button. Once the group is created, you can manually add a supporter to a group by going to the supporter's record and editing the supporter. 

 The Group section at the bottom of the edit screen is where you can click the 'Attach to Group' button to add the supporter to a group.

In REACH, you can create segments to report your supporter activity including donation count, donation amount, sponsorship count, and campaign count. For example, you can set up a segment that will list all supporters who have given over $1,000.00 in the past year. Once a segment is created, it automatically updates supporters. You can not manually add a supporter to a segment, the segment's rules will determine who is listed.  

To create a segment, go to your Supporters Module and select Segments. For the example above, to create a Segment that list all supporters who have give over $1,000.00 in the past year, click the 'New Segment' button and give your Segment a title and a description. For 'Object' you would select donation, for 'Time Period' you would select 'Yearly,' and for 'Segment Type' you would select 'Total Amount.'  You would then need to click the 'Add Segment' button to enter the amount you would like to display. For our example, it would be the Min $1,000.00 and leave the Max empty for no Maximum amount.  

When you click the green 'Create' button, the system will start calculating the segment for you. It may take a few minutes. As supporters are automatically added to Segments, the Segment will also appear on their supporter record.  

*NOTE: Supporter Groups and Segments are available in the Essentials, Pro, and Pro Plus plans.

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