Text To Give

REACH offers Text to Give as another fundraising option for you and your organization. Using Text to Give, donors can submit a secure donation via text message.

To get started, click the Settings icon in the top right of the Admin Console. Then, click “Text To Give” under Portal Setup.

First, you will need to add a phone number to your REACH portal to use for texting donors. You can search for numbers in your country based on area code or a matching string of letters or numbers that denote your organization. For example, our test organization could use the number (919) 78-HAITI. Once you find the number you would like to use, click “Select.”

*Please note that since REACH has to control the interaction with the phone numbers, we do not allow you to port over an existing number.

Once selected, you will see that the number has been connected to your account. To select a new number, you will need to “Release” the current number then search for a new number.

Next, you will need to set up any custom keywords you’d like to use when promoting Text to Give. Custom keywords are the text that your donors will type to send to the number you have chosen. When you click on the “Manage Key Words” tab, you will see a list of options for supporters to donate to under your account. The list currently contains Donation Categories, Campaigns, Projects, and Places.

*Please note that Sponsorships and Event Registration are not currently supported through text. 

To customize a keyword, click the “Customize” button and then type in your keyword. Keywords should only include letters and numbers. It is recommended that they are 8 characters in length or less and as simple as possible. 

You are now ready to promote Text to Give. The supporter donation process is dependent on three items:

1) That the supporter has a record in your REACH account;
2) That the supporter’s phone number is stored under their supporter account in REACH; and
3) Whether or not the supporter has a credit/debit card on file in REACH.

If any of the three items are not in REACH, then the supporter will receive a link to complete their donation in REACH as shown below.

Once they have completed a donation through the link process, they will be able to use the normal Text to Give process going forward.

Standard responses back to the donor are also shown below. The capability to edit these standard responses is not currently offered for continuity purposes.

The standard process requires a supporter to text an amount to the number. Then REACH will ask if the supporter would like to complete the donation using the payment information on file.

The keyword process adds an extra step at the beginning where the supporter texts the keyword first followed by the amount and confirming the use of the card on file. 

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