Can I hide or disable a sponsorship?

I want a sponsorship to be in the database but not viewable on the live website for the general public to view. Can I hide or disable a sponsorship?

In REACH, there are two options you can use to hide a sponsorship from the general public.  

If the sponsorship already has a sponsor and you want the sponsor to have access to the child, you can Hide the sponsorship. If the sponsorship does not have a sponsor, or you want the sponsor not to have access, you can Disable the sponsorship.

Both options will keep the sponsorship listed in your REACH admin console under Sponsorships. Sponsorships that have been Disabled or Hidden will be highlighted for quick reference.  

Here's how to hide or disable a sponsorship:

- Go to Admin Console > Sponsorships 
- Find the Sponsorship you wish to hide or disable, and click Edit 
- Click 'Disable' or 'Hide' 
- Once completed, be sure to click the green 'Save Changes' button at the bottom of the page

Please note: You can also choose 'Graduated.'  Graduated Sponsorships have left your program but are still visible to previous sponsors. Once marked as graduated, they can not accept new sponsors. For more information on Graduated sponsorships, read our article: "A Sponsorship has left our program, how do I update the Supporter?"

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