Does a supporter get notified if a credit card transaction fails?

Does a supporter get notified by REACH if a credit card transaction fails?

If a recurring donation payment fails, the donor will be notified ​to update their payment information depending on the Recurring Donation Rules set by the organization.  

Recurring Donation Rules can be updated by going to Settings and selecting Account Rules.  

Once the number of failed recurring donations has been reached (the default number is one), the donor is notified ​by an automatic email from the REACH system ​to update their payment information.  Your organization will be blind copied on the email to the email address listed under Account Settings. Your organization can also choose to automatically cancel the failed recurring donation after a select number of tries.  

Once the notification is sent, REACH will not try to charge the donation again until the donor or an administrator has updated the payment information. If the information has not been updated ​before the next ​recurring donation​ date, the donation will not​ try to process again.

Once the donor's payment information is updated, one payment will be processed that night for one missed payment​, then the​ recurring donation will begin to process properly again​ on the next recurring donation date. 

Administrators will have to charge ​any missing months after that first month if they so choose. REACH will not automatically try to charge the donor for more than one missed payment since multiple months can accrue.  An admin can also choose to ignore the missed payments by marking the recurring donation as current.

To learn how to customize your failed transaction email, read our article: "How do I customize a failed transaction email?"

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