Can I stop some of the emails and notifications I am receiving?

I am receiving several notification emails from REACH, some of which I don't need. Can I stop them? 

Emails sent from REACH to a Donor/Supporter such as a New Sponsorship sign up, New Donation, or Failed Donation are blind copied to the email address on file for the account. 

These emails cannot be turned off.  

We do this because we want the organization to have a history of the emails sent by REACH to their supporters. We always recommend these go to a general email address you set up for your organization. You can change the email address used by editing your Account Settings.

Any admin created for your account can choose which of these transactional emails to receive. An admin can update their notification preferences by going to Admin Users and editing their admin account. By clicking the Notifications tab, an admin can choose which, if any, emails to be blind copied on when sent out to a supporter.

Admins can also choose when to receive notifications from the system on admin activity such as updates on tasks, project and place changes by choosing from the Admin Emails Settings dropdown. 

Emails can be sent Immediately, Daily, or Never. These are separate emails notifications from the admin blind copied emails that go out to the supporters.  

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