Why is a donation marked as 'Incomplete?'

Why is a donation marked as 'Incomplete?'

One reason for an incomplete donation could be REACH contacted your Payment Gateway to process the donation but did not receive a response back that the donation was processed. When REACH contacts your payment gateway, if a response is not sent back in a certain amount of time, the donation is marked Incomplete.   

If you have an incomplete status on a payment, it is best to first check your payment gateway to see if the donation did actually process. If payment was received, you can mark the payment as Complete in REACH. 

To Mark the donation as complete in the system without charging a credit card, you can click on the green 'Complete' Icon for the donation.

Or, you can click on the Incomplete status link for the donation and Mark Complete on the Donation Details page that will load.  

Or, you can click the Edit Icon for the donation. This will bring up the donation Details. Here you can click the Mark Complete button for the donation.  

Please note: The credit card will not be charged. If the charge did not go through on your payment gateway, do not mark the donation as complete.

If the payment did not go through and was not processed by your payment gateway, you can try charging the supporter again by adding a New Donation for the purpose and amount of the incomplete payment for the Supporter by clicking the New Donation button. Online donations will be processed on the Supporter's card immediately. You can then delete the Incomplete Donation listed in the system.   

If you do not want to attempt to charge the supporter, you can delete the Incomplete donation.

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